XDs 9mm Failure to Feed

It’s time for me to eat a little crow. Last week Brandon over at Monderno mentioned that Rob Pincus was having some failure to feed issues with his XDs 9mm, and I came out and said that mine had did it once, but after I ran a few rounds through the pistol, it never did it again.

Guess what? It happened again.

Here’s what happened: when loading the pistol, I inserted the magazine and pulled the slide rear. I’m pretty good about not riding the slide forward, or short stroking it, and I let it go. The slide traveled forward about 3/8″ then stopped. You can see in the below picture that the slide is not locked to the rear, but it has slid forward, and is being held open by the round that is jammed inside.


The slide was stuck. I tried giving it a tap on the rear with my palm, and it would not go into battery.

When I looked in the breech, I could see that the round was caught up either on the bottom of the feed ramp, or on the ramped part of the locking block below the feed ramp.

In the next picture below, I’ve pulled the slide rear and locked it. You can see how far the round traveled forward before it jammed the slide open. You can also see my tactical toes…


So, what’s the problem here?

Today I did some detective work. I shucked the 7 rounds of Hornady TAP FTP out of the magazine and loaded it with 5 A-Zoom snap caps. I proceeded to rack the slide, chambering and unchambering the snap-caps a whole bunch of times, and not once did the pistol jam. I even tried applying pressure on the top round (with a small piece of wood so I didn’t smash my finger…), pushing it toward the bottom of the feed ramp, and I still couldn’t make it jam.

I noticed that the Hornady rounds were quite a bit shorter than the snap caps were, and I think this is actually the issue. To confirm, I scrounged up 7 rounds of Federal HST 124gr +p, loaded them into the magazine, and chambered and unchambered them over 100 times. Not once did they jam.

Guess what?

The Federal HST rounds (left) are a good bit longer than the Hornady TAP FTP rounds (right). I turned my garage upside down looking for my calipers so I could give you an exact OAL for each of these rounds, but they are still missing…

Being that the HST’s are longer, this allows the bullet to contact the feed ramp and start traveling up toward the chamber before the case rim passes the bottom of the feed ramp/locking block. I also suspect that bullet profile may be playing into this a little bit. The more rounded shape of the HST closely mimics the shape of ball ammo which has been 100% in this pistol.

Here’s where this all gets even more interesting: I’ve fired exactly 50 rounds of the Hornady TAP FTP through this pistol, and all of them have fed, and fired just fine while on the range, the feeding issue only occurred when loading the pistol at home.

I think Springfield Armory tried to mitigate this issue by relieving a small portion of the locking block under the feed ramp, but when you add the short cartridge to this small pistol it becomes a perfect storm, and things don’t work quite as nicely as we would like them to.

If you are having this issue, I’d recommend trying a cartridge with a little longer overall length. I’m also going to attempt to rule out the bullet profile, as I really like how the Hornady projectile performs. I suspect that the 135gr Hornady Critical Defense cartridge should be a little longer, and it may mitigate the issue completely.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your problems.

    Just out of curiosity, how many times have you loaded and unloaded the offending rounds? Constant chambering of a round without rotating the bullet which gets chambered will most certainly push the projectile further and further into its case. This will create a situation whereby the round will progressively get shorter, fail to properly feed and possibly lead to a nasty KaBoom with factory ammo.

  2. May find it is bullet profile more than length. Have had profile problems with certain pistols. No records kept, just switched out bullets or guns. I too like the XTP and have had no issues in any of my handguns.

  3. Good post. Never wrong to be humble. jmike raises a good safety question about the re-racking of the same round. Are your 9mm TAPs all the same length? I’ve been keeping an eye on this issue for overpressure concerns myself. And I use hornady TAP for my .40 cal…………….Tactical toes?

  4. Does it jam when chambering a round via the slide release? Just wondering because my Kahr PM9 is notorious for needing to smack the rounds out of the magazine and up onto the feed ramp via the release and rarely feeding properly when the slide is slingshot.

    1. I’ve had it happen both ways. I know Kahr recommends doing it a certain way, but I don’t think that’s the case with the XDs. I’m really hoping it’s just an issue with the ammo, because I really like this pistol.

  5. Are talking a regular xd or a xdm I’ve had my 357 sig. Xd for about 6 mounths over 500 rd. never had a failure to feed with any type ammo.

  6. I have the same problem with Winchester 147g HP’s. I found that if you only put 6 rounds in the magazine instead of 7 it never jams. SA tech told me that the mag springs are purposely made tight and will loosen up in time. FWIW.

  7. Sounds like it goes back to… Find a round the functions well and your handgun… Then proceed to carry it. Same issue with 1911′s and steep feed ramps. Thanks for the info on the Hornady round though!

  8. I had similar issues with my PM9 with gold dot and golden saber.

    I’ve had good luck with Federal 9BP and 9BPLE. It has a fairly similar profile to ball ammo so it slides up the ramp like a wet otter. Not the latest and greatest, but the BPLE has a good track record and is Ayoob “approved.”

  9. I’ve had the XDs 9mm for since early summer and noticed the same thing. The Hornady Critical Duty and Critical Defense rounds are not liked much by the XDS. I’ve had it lock the slide like that as well several times when racking that ammo and also once by shooting it, it locked back when trying to feed the next round. So, I switched ammo and never had an issue.

  10. I have the exact same problem with my new XDs 9mm. When racking the slide to chamber a round of HP’s the round hangs up at the bottom of the feed ramp! It does this with Gold Dot 115gr. JHP’s, Gold Dot 124gr. =P JHP’s, Gold Dot 147 gr. JHP’s and CorBon DPX 115gr. +p. The Corbon DPX doesn’t hang up as much as the Gold Dot but it still does occasionally when I rack the slide to chamber the round. It does not hang up on any of these rounds when firing the pistol, only when racking the slide. What can I do about this? I just bought the pistol and this is the first day I have shot it at the range. It runs FMJ with no problem. I’m thinking about taking it back to the dealer where I bought it or taking to their gunsmith. Is this something that will resolve itself over time? I may not have time! It’s now my carry gun! Anyone have any suggestions?

      1. Thanks for the info. Did you try any Speer Gold Dot rounds with the XDs and if so did they hang up on the feed ramp when racking the slide? And can you tell me which rounds did hang up on you when racking the slide in the XDs? That will help me narrow my search for a good carry round. I’ll definitely try the Golden Sabre but would like to have a few options.

        Also, I just noticed when field stripping the pistol that there were little flakes of shiny metal inside! I found the base of the recoil assembly was a bit chewed up! I’m afraid if this happens with only 70 rounds put through the gun it won’t last very long. This is actually a bigger concern to me than the ammo issue! Any suggestions here?
        Thanks for all your help!

  11. I’ve noticed something since my last post. All the rounds I mentioned earlier (Gold Dot and CorBon) cycle fine most of the time if I rack the slide very hard as it would probably act when firing. As someone else mentioned, If I remove the 7th. round from the magazine none of the rounds catch on the feeding ramp. It just seems to happen when the mag is full. Of course this isn’t good as the pistol only holds 7+1 to begin with. If carried this way the capacity is reduced to 6+1. But I guess that’s better than 7+1 round stuck on .the feed ramp. As someone else mentioned, hopefully this problem will disappear as the mag spring loosens over time.

    But my main concern is still the chewing up of the recoil spring assembly base. This base is very thin. Much, much thinner than the one on my XD45 Service model. But I doubt that’s the issue. It seems to me either the metal on the base is too soft or something in the pistol isn’t right and is chewing on the base when the pistol is fired!
    Does anyone have any experience with this or any suggestions? I’m thinking about having the gunsmith at my local range look at it today and see what he thinks.

      1. Thanks for the response and the pictures. I showed the pistol to the gunsmith at my local range and he said don’t worry. The wear I’m seeing on the base of the recoil assembly spring is part of the normal break in process of the gun. He is very smart and experienced and I trust him. So I cleaned it, lubed it and am going to shoot more rounds through it next week. I’ll let you know if this becomes a problem as run more rounds through it. Thanks again!

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