Crossbreed Supertuck Squeaking!

The Crossbreed Supertuck is a fine holster, and mine is my favorite holster for concealed carry. As I noted in my review of the holster though, the clips on the holster are rubbing against the leather causing a nasty squeak when I move about during the day. I’ve done some searches on the internet, and this appears to be a pretty common issue.

The first suggestion I found online was to rub body powder into the leather where the rubbing is happening, and this was supposed to eliminate the rubbing. I tried this, and in the beginning, it worked well, but needed to be re-applied every so often. After about a year of doing this though, it no longer works.

I posted up on my Facebook page asking for suggestions on how people are keeping their Crossbreed Supertuck from squeaking. The first suggestion was to treat the leather with a product with called “Lexol” which is a leather conditioner. I also fired an email off to Crossbreed asking for their suggestion, and they also suggested trying a leather conditioner.

I removed the clips tonight, and treated the entire piece of leather with the Lexol leather conditioner. I followed the instructions on the bottle and after about an hour I put the clips back on and took my dog for a walk, and the holster did still squeak, albeit not as much as before. I’m going to give it another treatment tomorrow, and I hope it will help.

The squeaking is coming from the front clip, where it rubs against the leather. If I were to tuck in my undershirt, I could eliminate the squeaking issue, however I’m not a tucker, as I feel it slows down my draw too much.

So, I’m asking you, my readers for suggestions on what I should try next to remedy the squeak. Throw them into the comments below, and I’ll try them.


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  1. Although I have yet to try it, I pondered the idea of coating the clips with the liquid plastic stuff to see how well it would work.

  2. I’ve read that you can put a small piece of tape (electrical/duct tape/etc) on the leather behind the clip and/or on the clip itself to stop the squeaking.

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