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Little Things that Make a Good Match – 172

The difference between a really good match, and an average match isn’t a lot of super crazy, hard to do things. It’s simple really, and in this episode we talk about a few of the things that set some matches apart from others.

  • Matches should have clearly labelled safe areas. It doesn’t matter if the game happening at the range requires it or not, take the time and setup a clearly labelled safe area. All you need is a table facing a berm somewhere, and something labeling it as the designated safe area. A lot of ranges in our area just have people holster up at their car, and that’s just not preferable.
  • Clearly written stage descriptions. Often, Range Officers will walk through all of the stages before the match with the Match Director and be told how the stages are to be shot. Then, maybe 3 or 4 hours later, they finally arrive at a stage and are expected to remember exactly how the stage was supposed to be shot. Was it a loaded table start or unloaded? I know I’ve cried foul a couple times when I’ve noticed the squad behind me shooting the stage differently than I did. Take a minute, and write out the stage descriptions for your match, it’s not hard to do.
  • The 180* boundary should be clear. This is more of a USPSA specific thing, as IDPA allows for the use of muzzle safe points (which I really like, good job IDPA). Some bays at different ranges don’t have a backstop that’s parallel to the 180*. In this case, doing something simple like setting up the rearmost fault line parallel to the 180* gives a reference point for shooters and Range Officers.
  • Buddy System for New Shooters: Back when we had Ben Stoeger on the podcast he mentioned that ranges near him have a buddy system for new shooters, where newbies are assigned to an experienced shooter to help them and answer their questions during the match. I think it’s a great idea, and I’m surprised the ranges around here don’t do this.
  • Have a clear procedure for what to do with brass. It’s a little things, but I’ve given a lot of unimpressed glares to people when they start picking up “my” brass. I don’t really care how you do it, but I think the best way is to tell everyone to leave the brass on the ground all day, and after the match, let them pick up brass from the bay they finish on. It’s simple, and leave the brass for the people who stick around and help tear down, etc.
  • Use Practiscore. For those who don’t know, Practiscore is a match administration software that allows shooters to sign up for, and squad for an upcoming match ahead of time. It’s fantastic for many reasons, I like it because it keeps the match from having too many people show up. Once the specified amount of shooters have showed up, the match is full and more people aren’t able to sign up. It’s also great because it eliminates having someone sit in a stats shack all day entering data, and it spits out scores really quickly and distributes them via email to the shooters.

The News

The Holly Springs, NC police department is setting up a couple parking spaces at their new police department for online commerce (craigslist sales, basically) but they’re specifically not allowing people to sell firearms there. I think they’re being a little weird about banning the sales but whatever.

Strict scrutiny was applied to the Maryland assault weapons ban by judges in the 4th circuit this week. They overturned the AWB and the hi-capacity magazine ban. Awesome. Here’s more from Andrew Branca over at Legal Insurrection.

A VA man who was open carrying was robbed of his gun last week. He’s lucky that the bad guys only took his gun and not his life. If you’re going to open carry, get a retention holster. I like the Safariland ALS, it’s the best thing going.



Burnout = Too Much Effort + Not Enough Pay Value

This weeks episode is sort of a companion from this blog post that Ben wrote last week. You should go read it, it’s really good. We’ve both seen good shooters, and shooters who have the potential to be good fall out of the sport due to burnout over the years. It’s probably helpful to know what burnout is, and how to avoid it.

The News:

Virginia was set to revoke concealed carry reciprocity with a bunch of other states on 2/1/2016 but it looks like the Governor has made an 11th hour deal with Republicans in the state to reverse course and keep all of the previous reciprocity agreements.

USPSA had a Board of Directors meeting right after SHOT show, and they made some changes to the Carry Optics division rules. Here are the approved changes from the USPSA Down Range email that went out last week:

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SHOT Show: The Good, The Bad, and the Trigger Activated Light Switch

SHOT show was last week, and some interesting products were announced there. It seems like most of the stuff this year was modifications to old products, and pistols with milling to allow red dot sights. Now, we weren’t there, but this week on the podcast we talk about what looks interesting to us.

  • Kimber K6 Revolver
  • Glock 7 and Glock 19 MOS
  • Sig Sauer P320 Target
  • Caracal F
  • .40 S&W XDs
  • Apex trigger for Walther PPQ
  • Avidity PD10
  • Raven Concealment Baylor Mount
  • Agency Arms NOC
  • Remington R51
  • A light switch that is on an AR trigger. Frightening.
  • Colt Competition Pistol
  • Kalashnikov AK Alpha
  • Tyrant Designs AR Grip
  • Cobalt Kinetics Rifles
  • Federal Premium poly coated bullets

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Pistol Caliber Carbines Might Not Be Right for USPSA – 169

The big scuttlebutt this week is that new USPSA President Mike Foley announced that he will be introducing a new division at the USPSA board meeting this week in Vegas. Here’s what he posted on the USPSA Forum:

FYI, I will be making a presentation to the BOD to add PCC as a provisional division in USPSA.  I have conducted two beta tests at level one matches, and gathered experience at the SE Pro Am as well.  My presentation will include video, lessons learned, and a ready to approve appendix.  If this makes your MD nervous, let him know we are doing this one based on experience, and not on just an idea.  I’ve worked with two clubs, 40 plus shooters, USPSA tech, Practiscore, and NROI RMs prior to finishing my presentation.  I have also read every thread I can find, and had private conversations with many of you.  My goal is to make it fun, safe, and easy on MD and RO staff.  If you want this, or have concerns, let your AD know prior to next weekend.  Thanks.

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Getting Your Butt Kicked is Good for You – 168

The main topic for this weeks podcast was inspired by this Instagram post by Veil Solutions:

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