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“I Only Compete Against Myself”


I’ve noticed a trend of people on the internet talking to folks interested in competitive shooting, and constantly telling them “I only compete against myself”. I think the problem is two fold: People interested in competitive shooting might be interested in being competitive, so telling them that you don’t really compete isn’t a great thing. If you’re just there for the fun of it, that’s fine, but I can tell you that if they took …

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Stop wasting your time on stuff that doesn’t matter

woodys idpa

Ever see the guys at a match who have the well rehearsed “tactical kata” but can’t really shoot that well? What about the guy that tells you X product is better than Y because it has more features, even if those features aren’t useful. What about the guys who buy a crappy gun, and then spend the next years trying to make it better, instead of just saving up for something that doesn’t suck. All …

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Tinkering Won’t Get You Where You Want to Go


Tinkering with making your own gear is interesting and it can be fun, but after spending a few years messing around with trying to squeeze every single penny out of my gear by making my own stuff all the time. I’d spend 3 or 4 hours making something to save $25, which comes out to like $8/hr. I don’t know about you, but my practice time is worth a lot more to me than $8 …

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Branching Out?


A month or so ago I was at the indoor shooting range, and there was a legit bullseye shooter in the lane next to me. I ran my target out next to his (25y), and tried to best his groups. The best I could muster were groups about double the size of his, and I was shooting with both hands, and he was only using one. Ever since then I’ve been thinking that I could …

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If I Were King of the Shooting Sports…

If I were king of the shooting sports, I’d make some changes, across the board. I’d like to see the the shooting sports grow, and I think the best way to do that is to reach out to people who already own guns by hitting them up a gun shows and things like that. Almost all of the shooting sports could do a better job of making it easier for someone to find out exactly …

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First Match to Master in 12 Months


Today on the podcast I interview James Turnure, a NC shooter who just made USPSA Open Master. That’s awesome, but what I didn’t tell you is that he shot his first match just 12 months ago. In this interview he and I talk about how he did it, and what sets him apart from other shooters who start and frustratingly stuck in B class for an extended period of time. You can find James on …

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Do we even want USPSA to be TV friendly?


Back during the USPSA Presidential election there was a lot of talk about the need to make USPSA TV friendly. As it sits right now, the use of targets with heads on them, walls that cameras can’t see through, and championships that don’t exactly make exciting TV the sport isn’t really ready for it’s own TV show. My question is this: Do we even want it to be TV friendly? What would the average shooter …

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Ben’s Last Episode

I sent Ben a message on Monday to ask if there was anything that he wanted to talk about on his last podcast episode, and he just told me he’d think about it. Fast forward to Saturday evening when we recorded this episode and he had the shownotes written for this episode to talk about all of the things that he’s changed his mind on since he joined the podcast way back (over 3 years …

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Stop Making Lame Excuses

It must be the smell of spring in the air or the upcoming competitive shooting season being in the air that brings out all sorts of lame excuses from people about their poor/lack of performance. “There’s not a division that exactly fits my one-off gun that I modified myself!” “I can’t shoot exactly how I carry concealed, and I can only draw from my concealed holster ever because muscle memory.” “This gun doesn’t “fit my …

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Effective Practice on the Square Range

Sometimes shooting on the square range is a necessity. Whether you don’t have access to a range with bays where you can set up stages and drills, or the weather just isn’t cooperative, there are times when the square range is the only place you can go to get some trigger time. A lot of people just shoot when they go to the square range. One target, and 200 rounds and then they pack up …

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