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In 2016, Printing Doesn’t Matter Anymore


If you carry concealed, you’ve probably been concerned about printing (having the outline of your gun showing through your clothes) at at least one time or another. Now that we’re in 2016 and everyone and their brother has a giant cell phone on their hip, I don’t think printing matters anymore. Listen to the Podcast: I spent about 12 hours this past weekend watching the general public (I was doing something else while the general …

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Oh boy, there’s been some drama on the world practical shooting stage this past week. The IPSC European Handgun Championship was last week, and at the match, the IPSC council met and passed some resolutions that have USPSA Mike Foley releasing a press release you can find here. We don’t have anything specifically saying so, but it seems like these new rules are pointed at USPSA, because the organization began sanctioning USPSA matches in the …

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I’ve always really liked Cabela’s as a company, and I’ve noticed more and more lately that I like them even more. Saturday night my wife and I were driving home from somewhere, and we were listening to the big local Top 40 radio station (she had control of the radio, married guys know). They were playing the big syndicated national all-request house party type show that they play every Saturday night. A Cabelas ad came …

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A Lot of Things The Internet Tells You About Shooting Aren’t Important


The ‘Gunternet’ would have you believe that shooting is a pastime that has strict rules about all sorts of things. You must carry this gun, in this caliber, in this position, with this many spare magazines, and when you’re shooting that gun, you must hold it this way, stand this way, and wear these clothes. Fortunately, like a lot of things on the internet, a lot of this just isn’t factual. Here’s a few things …

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Competitive Shooting will get You Killed in the Streets!


Over the weekend a USPSA/3-Gun shooter dispatched a scumbag terrorist in a Minnesota mall. For years now I’ve heard tons and tons of arguments from people who don’t shoot competitively about why one shouldn’t shoot competitively, and these arguments continue to amuse me. So, for this weeks episode, I thought I’d dispel a few of these terrible arguments against competitive shooting: Cold range – Apparently some folks think that having people stay unloaded between stages …

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Episode 200! What Has Competitive Shooting Done for You?

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EPISODE 200! Wow, you know, on some level I never thought this episode would happen, so the fact that it’s here is really awesome. Anyways, I don’t really have a whole lot to say here in the shownotes for this episode, so, just go listen. This episode is a full length episode of your voicemails answering “What has competitive shooting done for you?” Thanks to everyone who sent in the voicemails, they were great! http://traffic.libsyn.com/triangletactical/TTP200.mp3Podcast: …

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Are You a Good Steward of the Second Amendment?

Guns Save Lives

We’re blessed in most of the US in regards to our rights, and with that blessing comes a large responsibility to secure it for future generations. I think one of the most important battles we fight in keeping our rights is the battle of public perception. I’ve talked extensively on the podcast and blog about how I’ve found just being a normal guy, who is open about guns tends to win the favor of most …

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The Off Season


Back in July I shot several matches, and it seemed like at every match I was having to DQ people for safety violations. After the last match where a shooter reacted unpredictably after the disqualification, I decided to take a break for a little while. A couple weeks went by, and I decided to just make this break my yearly off season from shooting. I started doing some Google searches from about taking an off …

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You’re Not Good Enough To Shoot Your First Match


Most common thing I heard from people who are somewhat interested in the idea of competitive shooting is that they aren’t good enough. If you can draw the gun, and walk around without pointing it at yourself or anyone else, and can do basic malfunction clearance, you have the skills needed to get started. That’s not to say that you’re “good enough” though. When you start, you’re going to suck at it. It’s that way …

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Thoughts After 6 Years of Competitive Shooting


Hey there, it’s late at night, and I’m going to bed. Full shownotes with links to all the stuff I talk about in this episode will be available sometime Monday, maybe around mid-day/early afternoon. As of sometime this month, hit my 6 year competitive shooting anniversary. In just 6 years Ive been witness to a lot of changes in the shooting sports, both locally and on the national level.  I think the biggest change I’ve …

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