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Holiday Preps – 112

This week we talk about some tips for staying safe around the holidays. If you’re staying in town, or traveling, there are some really basic things you can do to stay off the radar of crooks. Full shownotes are forthcoming (it’s late, need sleep…)

3 Pillars of Competitive Shooting – 111

If your goal is to become a better shooter, competitive shooting has 3 “pillars” that are advantages over just shooting at the square range:

  1. Schedule: The match starts when it starts, so you can’t just decide to go to the range later, or tomorrow, or whenever. It forces you to commit to shooting the match when it’s happening.
  2. Scoring: Competitive shooting gives you a quantifiable means to judge things like gear, technique, etc. Shot timers don’t work very well on the shooting line at a public range with lots of other people shooting, and you don’t get the opportunity to shoot from different positions, or scenarios drawn up by other people.
  3. Exposure: When shooting a match, you’ll be exposed to the best shooters in your area, maybe even some of the best shooters in the world (especially if you’re in the Triangle area) so you can see techniques, and really get a feel for just how those folks do things. You might learn a thing or two…

The News

Legislation introduced in Ohio would allow for Active Duty military personnel to carry concealed handguns without a permit in the state.

USPSA issued a statement (.pdf) on the security breach of their website. Turns out they didn’t encrypt the passwords for a specific reason.




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Listener Voicemails – 110

Rob calls in a match report from his first competition shooting match at the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center this past Wednesday. He shot his Glock 41 with reloads from his pocket, and emailed in his thoughts on shooting a competition for the first time.

Kenny called in on the Triangle Tactical Voicemail line (919-295-6128) and left us a voicemail asking about why we like to bash 1911 pattern pistols on the podcast. He left two voicemails, the first one got cut off, but I liked it the best, so I spliced the two together as best I could.

If you have a voicemail for us, you can call the voicemail line at (919) 295-6128, or you can leave a voicemail from your computer by clicking here. Alternatively, you can just record something on your phone or computer and email it in. I’m not too worried about format, I’ll make it work.

The News:

Two students that were caught in the FSU library shooting were members of the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus organization, but were not able to carry (and potentially stop the threat) because of the law.

USPSA’s website was hacked, and many usernames and passwords were leaked.

Remington issues a recall for the 887 shotgun. It appears that something is causing the firing pin to stick out of the breech face which can create a condition where the 887 can slam fire when a round is chambered.

Tip of the Week:

When installing a new set of dovetail sights, I always put a glob of loctite in the dovetail before pushing in the new sight. It seems to act like a little bit of a lubricant when pushing in the new sight, and when it sets up it helps to hold the sight in place.





Carry Guns vs. Match Guns – 109

The main topic for this episode comes from a voicemail from a listener (who didn’t leave his name) about whether or not it’s okay to shoot competition with a pistol that isn’t your carry gun. Ben and I both carry different guns than we generally shoot in competition, but there is a bit of philosophy there which we go into in this episode.

Local Shooting Sports News

H2O Fowl Farms is hosting their BUG match on Saturday, Nov. 29th 2014. This is a great match for a new shooter to get started in, you don’t need a holster or mag pouches, just a pistol, magazine, and 60rds of ammo. This particular match is benefiting Toys for Tots, so it’s also for a great cause! More details over at Carolina Shooters Club…

The News

Alan Gura is spanking Washington DC again over their concealed carry situation.

A 12 year old in Ohio was shot and killed by police while reaching for an airsoft pistol in his waistband. An unfortunate situation for everyone involved and a reminder to be extremely cautious when carrying, and informing police that you are carrying. Just because you know that you don’t mean anyone any harm doesn’t mean that they know that.

Plug of the Week:

I wrote a blog post about protecting yourself from holiday scams. Black Friday is this week, and the holiday shopping season will soon be in full swing. Know what’s up!




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Class Review and Texas Open Carry – 108

Full shownotes are forthcoming. Basic rundown of this episode is this: We recap the Gun Powder Gals IDPA clinic that we helped with on Saturday, we look at a couple of bills that have been introduced in Texas that would allow for open carry, and constitutional carry, Ben reviews the Steve Anderson class, and we go through some listener feedback.

You can order your Triangle Tactical shirts until about 10PM on Monday 11/17/2014, so you officially have less than 24 hours. Go get one or three!

Check back to this post as the day goes on, I’ll be updating it throughout the day.