Range Officers Playing Fast and Loose with Range Commands?

Jeremiah in Utah was disqualified from an IDPA match recently because he thought he heard the Range Officer tell him to load and make ready when he really didn’t. Jeremiah said that the RO’s on his squad had been fast and loose with range commands all day, and he thought he heard the command to make ready and pulled out his gun to make ready, and then the RO told him that he was disqualified.  Continue reading

What’s the difference between a section points match and a section championship?

Samuel in Minnesota sends in today’s Q&A voicemail asking about the difference between a “section points match” and a “section championship” in USPSA. We searched the USPSA rulebook, and didn’t find anything about a section points match, but we suspect we know what’s up.

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Why not “bullets backward” magazine pouches?

Fred in Florida sends in today’s Q&A voicemail. He shot his first IDPA match recently and before the last state the Safety Officer noticed that his magazines were in the mag pouches with the bullets facing backwards. The SO told him that it was wrong, and a bad habit.

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Why do USPSA targets have B and C Zones if they’re scored the same?

Gerrit in Wake Forest send in today’s Q&A voicemail asking about why USPSA Metric targets have B and C scoring zones when they are both scored the same.

wp-1454266232017.jpgHere’s a USPSA metric target that I colored in the perforations with a sharpie. You’ll notice the B zone in the head of the target, and the C zone in the body. Whether you are shooting Major or Minor power factor, these two zones will score the same amount of points if you shoot either one of them.

(Major power factor is 4 points for a B or C hit, and Minor power factor is 3 points for a B or C hit.)

So, why are they scored the same when the B is much smaller than the C? Well, under the current rules of USPSA, there isn’t a reason for it. We did reach out to a friend of the show who’d been around the shooting sports longer than us and he explained that back in the early days of IPSC it was setup as a tie breaker.

This isn’t in the current rulebook though, as ties are now broken with a shootoff between the shooters.


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Shooting IDPA with a Hi-Point

Sometimes I make posts on the Triangle Tactical Facebook Page without thinking about what I’m saying:

So, I did it, and honestly, it wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting, but that’s not really saying much. I didn’t use a nylon holster though, I ended up taking an old kydex Glock 19 holster that I’d made and just warmed it up with a heat gun and stuffed the Hi-Point in it and it fit reasonably well.

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