Save The Date: Operation 300 Benefit Shooting Match

A couple months back John Zaczek from the Zombie Shooters Association collared me at a USPSA match, and asked for my help getting word out about a benefit match that he’s putting on for Operation 300, a charity group that works with kids who have lost their fathers in war.

The match will take place on October 11th, 2014 in Eastern NC.

More details as I get them, but expect sample stages from many of the different shooting games (this would be fantastic if you haven’t tried competitive shooting yet).

Please share this with anyone that you think would be interested. I can’t think of a more worthy cause than helping kids who have lost their dads.

Mark your calendar now, request time off work, or whatever else you need to do to help out.

HK VP9 vs. Glock 17

Glock 17 vs HK VP9

Everyone seems to be asking the question: Should I ditch my Glock 17 to buy an HK VP9?

Short answer: No.

I’ve put somewhere around 300-400 rounds through the new VP9 now, and its really a fantastic pistol that offers some features that the Glock does not.

The VP9 has a very comfortable and customizable grip, okay sights, and a fantastic trigger. The Glock feels like a 2×4 in your hand, has awful sights, and an okay factory trigger.

Both pistols are dead nuts reliable, and more accurate than I am.

Glock 17 vs. VP9
Glock 17 HK VP9
Changable Backstraps X (Gen4) X
Changable Side Straps X
Acceptable Accuracy X X
Reliable X X
Crappy But Usuable Sights X
Okay Sights but Gimmicky Luminescent Feature X
$40 Magazines X
17 Round Magazine X
Hates You X
Decent Trigger X (Yes the factory Glock trigger is decent) X (Yes the factory VP9 trigger is better)

My point is this: The VP9 is a fantastic pistol, but so is the Glock 17. I could trade in my old trusty G17 but the VP9 isn’t THAT much better that I’m willing to ditch the Glock for it. If I were in a gun store looking for my first pistol right now, and they laid out the VP9 and the G17 for me, I’d probably buy the VP9 though

Triangle Gun Store Owners Talk AK-47 Sales Surge

The Triangle Business Journal did a piece on the new import sanctions for Russian AK-47s and the effect that it has been having on local Triangle area gun stores. They interviewed Barry Perry of Perry’s Gun Store in Wendell, and Jim McComas from Carolina Gunrunners in Raleigh.

“It’s not going to change the way we do business at all,” says McComas. “It may make (the AK-47) more desirable for collectors, but that’s a very small percentage. Some of the better ones are not from Russia. I.O. Inc. here in North Carolina makes AK-47s.”

Both stores reported that they saw an increase in people asking about how the import ban, and Perry’s reported that sales spiked a bit mid week. It was agreed that the import sanctions won’t have much affect on the AK market currently since relatively few of the AKs currently being imported are coming out of Russia.



Shooting Range Shenanigans

Ben and I discuss several funny things that have happened on the shooting range over the years.

  • A Glock that went full auto after a “trigger job”
  • A 1911 Recoil Spring Plug that got shot into a creek
  • A Pearce magazine extension flying off and nearly breaking my face
  • Rounds detonating in a fire
  • Shooting an AR-15 with a giant compensator through a barrel
  • A .45 ACP bullet stopping halfway through a cardboard target

The News:

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill eliminating the “single shot exemption” in the state on 1/1/2015.

A Wisconsin man was fired from his job for having a gun in his car legally. He admits to showing it to a coworker inside his car, and now he’s suing. It’ll come down to whether or not showing someone a gun in a car is still considered storage.

The IL State Police are making some on-the-fly rule changes about CCW after getting a whole bunch of lawsuits filed against them for not telling people why they are denied CCW permits. Kinda negates the “shall issue” thing when they can deny you, and not tell you why…

Plug of the Week:

This week we plugged Weapon Outfitters. I’ve been following these guys on Facebook for what has to be a couple of years now, and they always post interesting 2A related stuff. They also have an online store where they sell all kinds of cool gear. Last week they shared a couple different blog posts and send us some traffic, so we’re happy to return the favor. Check them out!

Tip of the Week:

Be honest with yourself when dry firing. Don’t start speeding up if you are sacrificing an acceptable sight picture to do it.

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“Nobody Wants to Take Your Guns”

Whenever folks on the anti-gun side of things are engaged in argument, they always go to the argument of “Nobody wants to take your guns!”

Fortunately for us, social media archives their lies for us:



If you have a gun, you’ll start killing when you get in an argument. Yeah…




Guns are only for cops who have all that training…


Ban the evil black guns, they are most scariest:


Lock up all violent people…right.


Assaulty looking rifles, and all handguns…


The sad part is that these images above are just a snapshot. I could literally add hundreds more from any number of anti-gun pages on Facebook.

The fact is, the anti-gun crowd wants nothing less than complete civilian disarmament. Right now they are working to divide the gun owners into groups that work against each other. Tactical shooters vs. hunters vs. long range shooters, etc.

United we stand…