Ladies: Concealed Carry Fashion Show

Candy Sugarman from the Gun Powder Gals is hosting a concealed carry fashion show this coming September. As a manly man, I’m not super interested in such a thing, but as someone who believes that women should be empowered to carry wherever they please for their own protection, I think this is a great idea to show women some of the different ways to carry concealed, and possibly try some different types of holsters and such.

Looks like you can contact Candy for more information if you’re a vendor, or interested in sponsoring the show.

GPG Fashipn Show

If you want to hear what the Gun Powder Gals are all about, check out episode 94 of the podcast.

Local Folks: You’ll Probably Want to Watch This…

Thursday on the 6PM news, WRAL will be exposing a runaround to NC law that allows people to obtain a concealed carry permit while bypassing NC’s “rigorous” requirements.

Here’s the link to their write-up on it. (Watch the video, and look closely at the 22 second mark).

I’ll hold off on my thoughts until I see the piece tomorrow evening.

Anti-Competition Competitors – 130

This week we have a bit of a rant, where we talk a bit about people who shoot competition, who are anti-competition. We’re not slamming the people that are just there to have a good time, but rather the folks who brag about not practicing, or rag on the people who do practice and want to get better.




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NC Sheriff Denies Pistol Permit on Subjective “Moral Character” Reasoning

Here in NC, we still have an old Jim Crow law that requires people to obtain a Pistol Purchase Permit from their county Sheriff before purchasing a handgun. While I disagree with having to get the Sheriffs blessing before purchasing a handgun, there’s a little part of the NC law that sticks in my craw even worse, and that’s that the Sheriff can deny a PPP to someone based on their moral character.

NCGS 14-404 (a)(2):

(2)        Fully satisfied himself or herself by affidavits, oral evidence, or otherwise, as to the good moral character of the applicant.

Here’s the thing: Good moral character is very subjective, and basically gives a Sheriff the ability to deny a permit for any reason he wants.

A member of the NC Gun Owners web forum is posting that his permit was denied by the Orange County Sheriff based on the good moral character requirement. Interestingly, he goes on to say that he has been formerly issued a permit in Durham County, and nothing has changed between then and now.

This, friends, is just one of many reasons that the North Carolina Pistol Purchase Permit needs to be repealed. Let’s make that happen this year.

An Unscientific Case Study on Pro and Anti-Gun Bumper Stickers

Last Wednesday (just minutes before my car blew up) I decided while driving home from work that I would start keeping track of the amount of pro-gun and anti-gun bumper stickers that I see on my commute across Raleigh every day.

I basically only had one rule: I wouldn’t count the stickers if I saw them in parking lots (not fair, because I spend a lot of time at gun and sporting good type stores) so I would only count stickers on cars that were actually being driven.

So, in about a week of driving the results are in, and the pro-gun folks of Raleigh win. I actually counted 36 pro-gun stickers before I lost count, and I didn’t see a single anti-gun sticker on any cars at all. No MDA stickers, no Brady Bunch stickers, no gunbusters on a rear bumper, nothing. In all honesty though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anti-gun bumper sticker.

What I did see was a bunch of the following:

  • “Tac Life” – A version of the “Salt Life” stickers that everybody and their brother seems to have on their vehicle.

  • “Extremely Rightwing” – a sticker made by LaRue Tactical

  • Tons of NRA stickers. I’m so used to seeing them, that I probably forgot to count half of them.

  • Molan Labe – A couple different styles, but yeah.

  • “Got Sig?”

  • Glock logos

  • Trijicon logos

  • Gadsden flag stickers

Like I said, not scientific, but it was such a blowout that I didn’t feel like I needed to start over and count cars again for another week.

Do you look for the pro-gun stickers while driving?