Hunter Cayll the “No Handed Shooter” at the Remington VersaMax Match

What’s your excuse?

What Motivates You?

On the drive home today I was listening to the latest That Shooting Show with Steve Anderson. The jist of this episode was that Steve isn’t motivated by winning, but rather shooting a match at the best of his ability.

When I got home I started to practice dry fire and I turned on my favorite Black Sabbath Pandora station. After a bit of practice and listening I heard an alternative view of winning:

On the drive home I thought Steve was right. After thinking about it some more, I thought Ozzy was right. Now, I think they’re both right.

At my current level of skill, the only way I win a match is if all the big dogs stay home so winning shouldn’t be a huge motivator, but it still is. It feels good to beat others shooters that I respect, that have a similar level of skill. Winning doesn’t have to be an overall match win, it can be a division or class win, or just a win against the people I respect.

On the other hand, when I shoot a really good stage, and I do everything right, it feels awesome to walk away knowing that I did the best I can do given my current level of participation.

Which is it for you? Winning, or just doing your best?

DIY: PVC Drain Pipe Holster

On episode 118 of the podcast we played a voicemail from podcast listener Robert about his first match and he talked about making his gear for USPSA out of PVC he purchased at the hardware store.

After confirming with Robert about what he used, I had to share it here on the blog.



He purchased some 4″ PVC drain pipe from the hardware store and heated it up and molded it just like it was kydex. It’s a on the thick side (which with kydex, I think makes a better holster) and it’s white in color (Robert painted his with Krylon Fusion paint for plastics ) but it’s dirt cheap.

I may have to give it a try.

Ares Armor 99% Lower Receiver Not Intended to be a Firearm

I love the folks at Ares Armor. When I first came across them they were fighting for their first amendment right to keep their billboard up even though the city where their store is located wanted it to be taken down.

Then they got raided by the BATFE, and started selling the hilarious “BATFE Approved” AR-15 lower parts kits.

This is just some of the hijinks they’ve been involved over the past couple of years, and today they blew my mind with the Facebook post below about the 99% lower receiver that isn’t intended to be used as a firearm.

You know, because using something in a way other than intended is redesigning it. So if it’s intended as a cool little flower pot/paper weight, that’s what it is, right?

600 Lumens Isn’t Too Bright


You’ve probably heard the argument that some flashlights are too bright to use indoors at night. That some lights are so bright that if you wake up from a dead sleep and turn them on they’ll blind you and cause you to not be able to see anything for a period of time.

I’ve made the argument in the past that some flashlights can be too bright for certain situations, especially after shooting the Day-Night-Day match a couple years ago with a 600 lumen Streamlight ProTac HL, however I’ve never really bought into the assumption that getting out of bed and turning it on would immediately blind me to the point that I wouldn’t be able to see anything.

Yesterday morning I got up when my alarm went off at 4:55am to get ready for work. It was still pitch black in the house so I grabbed the afore mentioned Streamlight ProTac HL and clicked it right on to the 600 lumen mode. My eyes squinted for a second, but after that they adjusted quickly and I used the flashlight to navigate downstairs to make a cup of coffee without issue. After I started the coffee, I clicked the light off, and navigated back upstairs with my somewhat diminished night vision.

At no point was I blinded. Yes, the light was bright, and yes, when I turned it off my night vision was somewhat diminished, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as some internet experts would have you believe.

The fact that it took me literally years of hearing people spout their opinion about this before I tested it is sad. The fact is, you need to test your gear and make sure it works for you.