Could the Glock Unicorn be Released this Week?

I’m hearing some rumblings that there may be another new model from Glock released this weekend at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. Could it be the unicorn singlestack 9mm, or will it be a subcompact, doublestack pistol in 9×25 dillon? Sadly, that seems more likely at this point.

Waiting skeleton

I don’t know. I feel like a 10 year old kid who still wants to believe in Santa, but knows he isn’t real anymore. If it happens, I’ll buy the first one I can get my hands on, but if they don’t I’ll continue to carry my excellent Springfield XDs 9mm. I guess we’ll know in a day or two.

Maybe the folks at Glock have been trolling us for the past couple of years. Remember the huge media campaign about their “big announcement” at the 2013 SHOT show that turned into a website and the Gen4 Glock 20 that nobody cares about? Then the “leaked” advertisement of the Glock 42 that didn’t have any details, and went crazy viral? This time, we’re just hearing some rumblings from the community about an announcement, but no media campaign, nothing from Glock at all.

Stay tuned.

NRA Goes Full Retard with Tillis Endorsement

Photo Credit: Dean Michaels @quixxdraw


If we’re rating candidates solely on their 2A stance, Tillis has shown to be just OK. I don’t think he’s as bad as some are saying when it comes to 2A issues, but we have a better 2A candidate who has earned GRNC’s endorsement: Greg Brannon.

Personally, I’m not in love with Brannon either, but if we’re rating candidates solely on their 2A stance (which is what the NRA and GRNC should be doing), Brannon is the clear winner.

5 Things That I Wish Would Go Away

1. Clip Holsters. If it doesn’t cover the trigger guard, it’s worthless. I don’t care if the gun has a manual safety, or what. Don’t even get me started on the ones that have a plug that goes up the muzzle. Garbage.

2. Other Minimalist Holsters. When you add in the size of the pistol, they aren’t really any smaller than a proper holster, and offer a ton of disadvantages. People are attracted to these for the wrong reasons: cool factor, or because [Insert tactical dynamic celebrity instructor's name here] uses it. Meh.

3. Everybody and their brother making kydex pancake holsters. I’m all about tinkering with kydex, it’s a great way to try out new holster designs and save some money on gear. Unfortunately due of the relative ease of making holsters with kydex (and the ease of throwing up a website with an e-commerce system) we’ve been swarmed by inexperienced people getting into the business of custom holsters and not delivering. Lots of unknowing gun owners have wasted a lot of money on broken promises, and crappy holsters because of this.

4. Trainer Worship. There are a lot of trainers out there, some of whom are great teachers, others who are riding their reputation as someone who has been there and done that, who are just in it for the money. I care a lot less about someone’s past as an operator than I do about their skills, and their ability to teach. Stop going out of your way to train with someone just because their face is on TV.

5. People who say “You need to buy this product that I own to make me feel better about my purchase!” Y’all know who you are.

Reloading Reloaded – 78

After spending a lot of time reading and consulting with trusted friends this week I came up with a load for my first 9mm reloads. I loaded 10 of them, and was planning on leaving it at that until I had a chance to shoot them. I mentioned it to Ben, and he said “Well, load 60 more and come shoot the match on Monday”, So I did. Tonight I went and shot the WCFETC Action Pistol match with 100 untested rounds. I didn’t know if they would shoot, or explode, or what, but as it turned out, they were just fine. In the episode we talk about some of the things that I ran into while loading the first 100 rounds.

The News:

Michael Bloomberg launches “Everytown for Gun Safety” (no link). It’s his new group to try and take on the NRA (you know, because it’s the NRA that’s the problem…)

A man in Belmont, NC fired shots at two men who robbed him of a diamond ring in the WalMart parking lot. Apparently he was selling them the $2,000 diamond ring on Craigslist, and when they met, the two men gained control of the ring, and took off running. While they were running away, the man fired shots at them. Don’t be this guy…

Drake Landing in Harnet County, NC is continuing their legal battle to stay open. They have been for some time the ONLY open to the public outdoor rifle range in the Triangle, but this week announced that they would be closing the rifle range. I hope their appeal goes through, and they are able to re-open the rifle range soon.

Plug of the Week:

This week we plugged Episode 87 of the ProArms Podcast. This episode has an audio clip from a man named Spencer Newcomer who was involved in a defensive shooting. He talks about what happened leading up to, during, and after the shooting. It’s a good lesson in how even when you do what you think is right, it can have a long lasting effect on your life. Go listen, you’ll like it.

Tip of the Week:

Ben talks about how to choose which side of cover to shoot around first if you are given a choice in a course of fire. If you are right handed, it makes sense to go left first, then right, and vice versa for lefty’s. He explains it better in the episode than I can explain at 2:00AM in text. Go listen.

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DIY – Tumbling Media Separator

After getting my reloading press all put together and ready to rock, I found myself with a bunch of clean brass in the tumbler with no way to separate it from the crushed walnut media. I looked around the garage, and found a stack of 3 little trash cans that appeared in my garage about the time of our wedding a few months back.

I figured since they nest together so nice it would be pretty easy to turn them into a quick and easy (and free) media separator.

I grabbed one of the trash cans and a ruler and began marking spots for holes  on the bottom of it. After a few lines I decided to stop marking them, and just drill them freehand as close as I could.

This allows me to nest it inside the other trash can, pour in the contents of the tumbler, give it a few shakes, and I have nicely separated brass and media.

Then the media goes back into the tumbler for the next batch, and my brass is ready for the next step.

(By the way, adding a squirt of Brasso brass polish to the walnut media makes the media work a LOT better, and a lot faster.)