Working the Match Makes You Better – 141

This week Ben and I talk about how getting involved and working at a match will make you a better shooter. You’ll be more prepared, know the rules better, and have a few other advantages too.

Gear that Doesn’t Suck

The Belkin Conserve Socket is a great little timer to use on your brass tumbler if you’re a reloader. It’s better than a light timer, and it’s cheap. I actually use it with both my brass tumbler and my slow cooker when I’m making a pork shoulder or something.

Ben and I both use it for our tumblers, and it works great. Check it out.

The News

So, last week on the podcast we talked about some guys “open carrying” and racking shotguns in Georgia. We talked all about the laws in Georgia and stuff, and as it turns out… it happened in Mississippi. Sorry, we’ll do better next time.

On a similar note, we had a local guy walk into a mall carrying an AR and a bunch of tactical nylon. People freaked out. He got arrested.

Listener Feedback

Last week on the Q&A show we answered a question from a listener about how to carry concealed in business casual. Neither of us are business casual types, so we did the best we could, but a bunch of listeners chimed in and gave us some better answers.

Dryfire Drill of the Week

We want to hear about the dryfire drills that you are doing. If you have something in your shooting that you’re working on, and you’ve come up with a drill to address it, we want to hear about it. Shoot a voicemail to or send us a voicemail and tell us about it.




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If You Want It, You’ve Got To Work For It

I’ve been right on the verge of making A-class in Production division for about 3 months now. I’ve got a handful of pretty good classifiers in the 75-78% range, and I just need one more classifier above 75% to get my average into the A-class range.

I started feeling really confident when my scores were landing where they needed to be to make A-class, which was awesome, however I think it was that confidence that allowed me to step off the gas a think that I could make A without much effort.

I was wrong. 

Until this morning, I hadn’t practiced in a solid month. I was out of town for a week, so I can excuse that, but since then I’ve just been lazy.

About 3 weeks ago I shot a match and did very well without any practice for a week. Reasonable.

Last week I shot the East Coast Practical Shooters USPSA match and my performance more or less fell apart. I hit no-shoot targets, and threw deltas, which is really uncharacteristic of me. I’m generally a very accurate shooter, and I’ll go many matches at a time without shooting any deltas or mikes. I ended up shooting about a 70% on the classifier, which wasn’t good enough to push me into A-class.

Yesterday I shot the Sir Walter Gun Club USPSA match and had an… interesting day. 55% on the classifier, and lots of little mental mistakes that I shouldn’t have made. Looking at the video of my shooting, I could even tell that I was out of practice by the way I moved and shot the stages. I just looked and felt sloppy, which is what I should have expected given I hadn’t practiced in a solid month.

All of this to say: If you want to get better, you’ve got to work for it. Just shooting matches and hoping you’ll get where you want to be won’t get you there. I’m fired up. Ben is on the verge of making Master, and I’m not even A-class yet. That’s not acceptable. I was in the garage at 6:45am this morning banging out some dryfire, and I’ve made up a 5-day-a-week dryfire plan for the rest of the month.


Simple Self Defense: Lock Your Doors

I just came across this video, and watching it, and thinking about how long this guy was in the house is frightening. He just walked in, looked moderately harmless, but the caption on the videy says that he was found in the kitchen holding a steak knife. He’s lucky mama didn’t feel more threatened and give him both barrels.

So this video is to say two things. One always lock your door. Number 2 this is why our right to bear arms is so important. I was using the restroom when my kids ran to tell me there was a man in the house I grabbed the shot gun and went out to find him in my kitchen holding a steak knife. You will see a woman with a shot gun is no match for a man with a steak knife. Thank god I ran him out. Please share in support of our right to bear arms.

Posted by Savannah Laine on Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I have a friend who had a somewhat similar situation recently. He says that he ALWAYS locks his doors, but a couple months ago he and his wife had just returned from grocery shopping when he heard something out of place, and came around the corner with his J-frame at the ready to find two strangers standing in his living room. After a very tense couple of minutes it was determined that the people were in the area for an open house next door, but apparently weren’t paying attention and entered the wrong house. Scary stuff. Lock your doors, it’s the first step.

Is it Worth it to Make a Customized Glock Grip Plug?

Steve sent us a message on on the Triangle Tactical Facebook page with his question:

Luke & Ben,

I enjoy all the Triangle Tactical goodness.   The “big show” is great
for my drive back and forth to the gun club, and the Q&A show is just
the right length to get me to work.  Thanks to your encouragement, I’m
looking forward to my first IDPA match this weekend.

Now, on to my question:  Back in December 2014, Luke made a mod to his
G19 to plug the void in the Glock’s grip next to the mag well. He sanded
the plug to make it funnel-shaped to speed reloads. Later, I think he
did another Glock that way.  I’m assuming that mod is still in both

Do you still like the results of the modification, after about 18 months
of shooting matches, carrying concealed and dry firing? Would you do the
mod again?  If you had it to do over again, what would you do different?



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Being “Out” As A Gun Guy… Awesome Once Again

I met a new person yesterday, and ended up spending a while chatting with her about all sorts of stuff. As part of our conversation we got to talking about the Paleo diet, and I have a standard picture in my phone that I use to show people my weight loss. The picture is a comparison of me shooting two different matches, pistol in hand, one where I’m big and fat and disgusting, and one after I lost about 60lbs.

I always preface showing the picture to someone new with “Just so you know, my main hobby is competitive handgun shooting”.

Anyways, that comment got the ball rolling and I found out that this new friend collects Mosin Nagant rifles, and shoots a Walther PK380. Of course this lead to a 15 minute conversation about guns, gun rights, liberty, and the current state of things.

This furthers my theory that most people like guns, but nobody talks about it. I talk about it, because shooting is fun.

Are you out as a gun guy/gal?