Letting Bad Stages Go – 13

Screenshot 2015-05-27 at 4.30.55 PMSteve writes in to podcast@triangletactical.net:

Hey Luke and Ben, just wanted to share a story with you about some advice I heard on one of your podcast episodes.

I recently shot my 6th USPSA match. My first match ever was back in March and I was hooked!! Anyways I’ve been finishing around the middle of the pack in my division and about the lower third overall.

Mikes were killing my scores. I realized I was rushing and not calling my shots. I’ve really made it a goal of mine to reduce if not eliminate my misses. The mikes have been going down with every match thanks to a lot of dry fire.

Ok, so I’m at the 6th match of my short competitive career and I get to my 3rd stage of the day which was the classifier. It was a simple stage where you shot 6 poppers that were close together. I thought no problem, easy classifier, 6 shots, should take less than 5 seconds. 17 seconds later after a mag change from slide lock I was done!!

I started to rehash the stage over and over in my head, feeling angrier every time. Then I remembered a podcast where you guys were discussing how a lot of shooters will dwell on a bad stage and let it affect the rest of the match. (I think it was the Steve Anderson interview) I then told myself to forget about it. There was nothing I could do about it now and I needed to focus on the remaining 2 stages.

I’m happy to say that listening to your advice helped me finish the match strong. I ended up finishing 2nd in my division and 8th overall. Best finish ever!! Zero mikes on the day!! I realize that I would have finished higher had it not been for that 1 stage but I’m very happy that I did not let it ruin the rest of my match.

Keep up the good work guys, I’m trying to catch up with all the previous podcasts and I hope to shoot with you guys in the future.

Thanks, Steve

How Do You Know What You “Need to See” in Dryfire? – 12

Screenshot 2015-05-27 at 4.30.48 PMTom in Raleigh writes in to podcast@triangletactical.net:

Hey man, question for you – how do you know what you ‘need to see’ in dryfire, without putting it to the test with live-fire? have you ever run a test to capture the extremes of sight alignment that will still put you on the a-zone at a fixed distance, say, 10yds?

Must Listen: The St. James Massacre

A couple weeks ago in the “Plug of the Week” on the podcast we plugged Mike Seeklander’s new podcast called the American Warrior Show. In the most recent episode Mike interviews a man named Charl Van Wyk who took on 3 active shooters. Van Wyk had a 5 shot .38spcl revolver, and he was successful in ending the attack on the church against shooters with automatic rifles, grenades, and bombs.

“Violence is the immoral use of force. Self Defense is the moral use of force.”

Listen to the interview here.

I took two things away from the interview:

  1. Sometimes getting into the fight is all that’s needed to end the fight. It’s amazing how sending rounds toward bad guys makes them re-think their plan.

  2. I’ve heard many times from church going people that nobody should need to carry in church. I agree, that in a perfect world one shouldn’t need to carry in church, but we don’t live in a perfect world. All people should be free to worship how they see fit, and they should be able to protect themselves and their brothers and sisters while doing so.

Carry on.

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Buy A Competitive Backup Gun? – 11

Screenshot 2015-05-27 at 4.30.43 PMPayton writes in to podcast@triangletactical.net:

When is it time to consider having a backup gun or having one or multiple practice guns and then a separate match gun or two? I don’t think this applies to the “anti-competitors”, but is for the people who practice and are fairly serious.

3-Gun Dump Buckets

Over the weekend a video appeared (and subsequently seems to have been scrubbed from the internet) of a competitor safely dumping his pistol in a dump bucket that was resting on a blue barrel during a 3-gun stage, and as he moved from the position the dump bucket fell off of the barrel allowing the pistol to tumble out, earning the shooter a disqualification from the match.

In response to the first video, the folks at Tarheel 3-Gun filmed a quick video about how they secure their dump buckets to keep this sort of thing from happening. It’s honestly something that I’ve never given any thought.

Dump buckets…there was a long thread on a dump bucket malfunction yesterday so I thought I would share how we have successfully secured them for a local or major matches.,.many many matches. We use this method at all the 3-Gun Nation , Pro and Regional Events as well as over 40 matches at Tarheel3gun…they have survived thousands of occurrences and they keep working. Glad to share any of these match construction and match management tips. Hopefully this will make it easier for someone.

Posted by Tarheel 3-Gun on Monday, May 25, 2015