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Well, it’s been quite the weekend around the Apps household. We’ve decided that replacing my wife’s car is best done before it goes out of warranty due to clutch issues we’ve been having (It’s had the clutch replaced twice in 10,000 miles, and the latest one is only 13 days old, and it’s already far worse than the others), so we spent all day Saturday and most of Sunday car shopping for something reasonable to …

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Match Report: Tarheel USPSA

The first Tarheel USPSA match took place yesterday at Woody’s Hunt and Rifle Club in New Hill, NC and I went to check it out. I’ve been talking with the match director for the past couple months during the lead up to this match getting started, and I’ve been really excited about it. This match uses pre-registration through the website, and this is the first match that I’ve ever shot that also has the …

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Mike Seeklander Q&A with Eric Grauffel

This morning Mike Seeklander posted on Instagram that he would be doing a live Q&A via Periscope with Eric Grauffel just about the time I usually take my lunch break at work. I had a question, so I decided to skip eating anything, find an empty office, and see if I couldn’t get a question or two answered. Part 3…. Catch the interview online in two weeks! — Michael Seeklander (@MikeSeeklander) May 5, 2016 …

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Android users: Now you can get the Triangle Tactical podcast in Google Play Music


It’s been a long time coming, but Google is finally adding podcast support to the Google Play Music app that’s already on your Android device. Just hit the menu button, and then tap on Podcasts in the menu: Then you can just search for your favorite podcasts (ahem), and subscribe in the app. Or, you can just click the links below to subscribe in the app: Triangle Tactical Podcast Triangle Tactical Q&A Show

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You Know What I Like About This? The Fact That it’s Faded.


This sticker was stuck to the trash barrel at my gas pump in Wendell, NC last night. The fact that it’s sunfaded and starting to curl it’s edges says to me that it’s been here since the last election cycle, and the owners of the gas station haven’t bothered to pull it off. I like that.

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USPSA Adding Pistol Caliber Carbine as Provisional Division

From the latest USPSA Board of Directors meeting minutes (.pdf): “PCC for USPSA, continued discussion-All with input from membership and update-After much discussion, the Area Directors are getting a much larger support base within the membership for this division than against it. The Board by consensus has decided to offer Pistol Caliber Carbine Division in USPSA for all levels of competition as an optional provisional division, giving match directors final say as to whether their …

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Charity Match 4/16 – H2O Fowl Farms

This snuck up on me, so I apologize for being so slow to get the word out about this match. H2O Fowl Farms is hosting their 4th Annual Tsgt. Adam Ginett memorial match benefiting the EOD Warrior Foundation this Saturday (April 16th, 2016). It will be an IDPA format match, and you can find all the details on the calendar entry for the event here.

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Notice: Slots Still Available for NC Ben Stoeger Class in May

Just a heads up, if you’re looking to get a class in this spring, there’s a class with USPSA Champion Ben Stoeger coming up in May at The Range in Oxford that still has a few slots open. The class dates are May 7-8, and 9-10 (I believe there are two classes) If you’re interested, or for more information please contact the class organizer Scott Weiner at  . Note: I’m not affiliated with this class, …

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DI-Why? Reloading Press LED Light Strip

I’m always on the lookout for cool things relating to shooting that I can DIY and save a chunk of money. Sometimes it works out, but sometimes it doesn’t really. One thing that I’ve always found troublesome was getting adequate lighting under the turret of my reloading press. I’ve tried all sorts of things and finally came up with the brilliant idea of making an LED light strip. I headed over to Amazon and ordered …

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James Talks Race Guns

If you’re at all interested in race guns, I thought this high-level overview of the features was interesting. (BTW, James was on this week’s podcast. If you missed it, you can find it here)

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Competitive Shooting is SRSLY Serious Business


One of the misconceptions that people who haven’t shot competitively before seem to have is this idea that every match is super serious business, and every person competing is there looking to win the big prize. The fact is, most of the people are at a match because they enjoy it. It’s what some of us use to exercise that little boy inside us that just want’s to go fast. Sure, I like doing well …

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Don’t go buy a bunch of stuff before your first IDPA or USPSA match

Oh, internet. You so special. I’ve seen a bunch of people recommending new shooters who are interested, but haven’t shot their first match yet go buy a bunch of gear before they’re first match. What a lie. Just go shoot your first match, you probably have a “good enough” holster, and if not I bet you can borrow one.

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