Triangle Tactical “Skills>Tools” Shirt Pre-Order

I’ve been looking into getting some shirts printed for a while now because I know that a bunch of you want them. After exploring a ton of options, I’ve decided to go with a service called TeeSpring.

Here’s how it works: You are able to order a shirt any time from now until August 28, 2014. After that date the shirts will be printed and mailed right to you in about 10-14 days (So expect your shirt about the middle of September 2014).

TeeSpring Shirts


The shirts are a good quality American Apparel cotton shirt, not just a crappy cheap t-shirt. Head over to TeeSpring and get your order in right now!

Ballistic Masturbation and Entertrainment

The folks over st published blog post recently about “Ballistic Masturbation” and Entertrainment (A term that Chris Clifton from Defensive Concepts talked about in Episode 85 of our podcast.)

I could name some names here, but I don’t think that is super important. What’s important is that you do your homework on a trainer before paying them a few hundred bucks for shooting instruction. I don’t care if someone has military or law enforcement expeience, I care about their philsophy or training, that they think the same things are important as I do, and their ability to demonstrate what they are teaching.

We actually covered how to pick a trainer way back in episode 82 of the podcast as well.

Flat Rock Shooting Range in Hendersonville, NC Under Fire

Looks like we have another competition shooting venue in NC under fire from neighbors complaining about the noise.

From Carolina Shooters Club:


My friends at the Flat Rock Shooting Range was recently issued a cease and desist order due to holding 3 Gun competitions on their 100 + acre property in Western NC! A few property owners from the Oleta Falls sub-division, living about a quarter + mile away complained about the noise!!!

The Flat Rock Shooting Range passed a recent and very detailed inspection of the property to insure that the location, backstops and distances were within zoning policies for Henderson County NC.

The next hearing in Henderson County will be around August 27, 2014 to discuss the noise factor!

They could use our support, especially at the next hearing if you, or anyone else is available to attend, showing their support for this range.

Please contact Sam Seelig at 828-243-1686 or Jody Beal at 828-329-9900 for more information or support efforts! They are represented by Attorney Walter C. Carpenter (828) 692-1919

They also have a petition available for residents of Henderson County, NC to sign if you aren’t available to attend!

Please pass this information around and share it with others!

As we all know, attacks upon our hunting and shooting heritage, and our 2nd amendment rights starts small and will continue to grow if we fail to take a stand!

Thank you for your time and your support for this great group of people and this gun range!

God Bless and Stay Safe Everyone,

Dan Meadows
TAP3X Group of Companies
(828) 553-5006

I did a little more digging, and it looks like Dan from TAP3X has an internet radio show and one of his first guests will be the folks from the Flat Rock Shooting Range to talk about the current situation. Show starts at the 3:00 mark below, and the interview with the Flat Rock Range folks starts about 21:30.

2AToday Podcast – Battleground State Series Wrap-Up


A few weeks back Ben and I were invited on the 2AToday Podcast to help with their “Battleground State” series of shows.

Earlier in the series ‘YaDaddy’ and Peter Gould interviewed people from the different battleground states about how the anti-gun laws were passed in those states:

Obviously, Ben and I are in the relatively free state of North Carolina, but we were invited to come on the show and wrap up the series. We go through the highlights (or lowlights) from each of the above states, and then spend some time talking about where we go from here.