I Need A Dropped/Offset Holster

Ben pointed this out to me from my match video from Sunday’s Fun Match. You’ll notice that the pistol is just beginning to clear the holster, and I’m all leaned over, shoulders crooked, etc.

Need a DOH Holster

I suited up with my belt, holster, and pistol last night and spent some time dry firing in the garage while trying to keep my shoulders straight on the draw stroke. Unfortunately this particular holster sits a bit higher when it’s on my CR Speed belt than it does on a regular leather belt which makes the pistol ride higher, meaning I have to pull it out even higher when drawing it.

I like the holster for IDPA, and I’ll continue to use it for that game, but I’m finding myself using the CR Speed rig more and more so I’m starting to look into options for a budget minded dropped/offset holster for USPSA. I’m somewhat happy with my current draw speed, but as we learned from USPSA Grand Master Chad Thompson in episode 89, speed is the economy of motion, so to go faster, I need to limit all of this extra movement.

Franks Fun Match – October 2014

On Sunday I shot Franks Fun Match at The Range in Oxford, NC. This was my first match with the “bullets out” Ghost mag pouches. I definitely need a lot more practice with them, but the configuration seems promising.

Still waiting for scores to be posted, but I feel like I shot well on all of the stages. A few minor things like giving away a couple more points down than I should have, but overall a good match.

I did catch myself walking away from Stage 4 beating myself up about being 8 points down, but thankfully I caught it, told myself I couldn’t do anything about it, and moved on to the next stage before I let it get in my head.

Don’t Worry About Your Division – 104

One of the most common questions that Ben and I get from people interested in competitive shooting is about what division they will shoot in with their particular pistol. It seems that there’s an abundance of concern placed on getting into the correct division for their first match, and when it comes down to it, it doesn’t really matter what division you shoot in for your first match, because the chances that you will be competitive in the match are very slim.


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The News

A feminist video game critic cancelled her appearance at a Utah university after receiving massacre threats. That’s the headline we’ve seen all over the internet, and it’s not wrong, but it’s not telling the whole story either. She did apparently receive some baseless threats, but she really cancelled her appearance at the university after the campus police refused to ban concealed carry during the event. Utah law doesn’t allow the police to do so, and they decided to follow the law.

People in Chicago are opposing the opening of an indoor shooting range because it’s within a mile of a school – like bullets radiate out of indoor ranges in all directions creating unsafe conditions from people in all directions…


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Question of the Day: .30-30 Lever Action Rifle for Home Defense?

While surfing the web earlier this morning I came across a forum post (I’d link to it, but I can’t find it now) where someone asked about using a .30-30 lever action rifle for home defense.

I’ve always been a fan of the lever guns. My first gun that was actually mine was a Winchester 94 in .30-30, that my dad bought me for deer hunting. I’ve referred to it as the “poor man’s assault rifle” many times and I wouldn’t feel under-gunned with it in a home defense situation.

I was surprised while reading the forum thread this morning seeing so many people advocate against using the .30-30 lever gun for home defense. In my opinion, it’s a great cartridge (very similar to the 7.62×39 ballistically) and with some practice shooting it fast isn’t hard. The only real downside I see is reloading it is slow and cumbersome, but if it’s what you have, it certainly beats a sharp stick and harsh words.

What say you?